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Successful startup for the Avant PLACE test typically involves people in the following roles:

Testing Coordinator

The Testing Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for the testing. Responsibilities include:

  • Read the following user guides, available here
    • Avant PLACE Test Taker Guide
    • Avant Technology Guide
    • Avant PLACE Scoring Rubrics Guide
    • Avant PLACE Reporting Guide
  • Provide information to test takers
    • User Guides, available here
      • Avant PLACE Test Taker Guide
      • Avant Technology Guide
    • Usernames and Passwords
    • Any instructions specific to your organization and testing – for example:
      • Test window dates
      • Your organization’s contact information
      • Directions on how to use the self-evaluation fields
  • Take the Avant STAMP Sample Test, which has a similar look and feel to the Avant PLACE test:
  • Monitor test-taking progress (see Avant PLACE Reporting Guide)
  • Provide support or arrange to support test takers with the following issues:
    • Computer setup
    • Login problems
    • Basic test-taking questions
  • Notify Avant support representatives of issues that need further action

Test Takers

  • Read the Avant PLACE Test Taker Guide
  • Read the Avant Technology Guide
  • Configure your computer
  • If desired, take the Avant STAMP Sample Test

Avant Support Representatives

  • Provide documentation for use by Testing Coordinators and Test Takers
  • Provide email and phone support to Testing Coordinators and associates

Updated July 2016

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