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The Avant SHL Teacher Login option can be used to:

  • Access test taker results
    • View information (both summary and detail)
    • Create reports
    • Create download files
  • Monitor testing progress
    • Determine who has taken the test
    • Determine who needs to finish the test
    • Determine how test taker name was entered for those who need to resume the test
  • Determine when scoring is complete
    • The Avant Score (the composite score that you will use to determine placement) is available within 3 to 5 business days
    • All sections of the test will display as “In Progress” until the test has been completed

Accessing the Reports

  • Go to https://placement.avantassessment.com
  • Click the Teacher Login button
  • Enter the Teacher Username (Teacher Code) and Password provided by Avant Assessment
  • Select Location Results By Student

Results Summary

The first Test Results screen (shown below) displays summary information for all test takers.

Test Group Results

The Avant Score is calculated based on the lexical recognition, dictation, partial translation, sentence completion, verb conjugation, speaking, and writing scores. It is an averaged score and any fraction is truncated. However, if the Total Average is at the upper end of the score, an asterisk displays to indicate that the test taker appears to be at the high end of the indicated Avant Score.

Results Summary Download

From the Results Summary screen, click Download Excel File to create an Excel version of the summary test results. Use the downloaded file to customize the data sort or adapt the data to your needs.

Detailed Report Page

From the Results Summary, click the Report link to see additional information for a specific test instance. In addition to scores, this report shows Test Taker Profile information, Self-Evaluation levels and detailed scores for each tested section. If there are “0’s” for both writing and speaking, that indicates that the test taker did not score well enough to move into those areas of the assessment.

Detailed Report Page

Detailed Report Page Fields

The top row shows the test taker name, test start date, information about the organization sponsoring the test, the language (Spanish) and the Avant Score.

The middle part of the display has profile and self-evaluation information on the left and scoring information on the right.

The profile and self-evaluation information includes the following information entered by the test taker:

  • Years of Language Study
  • Grades Interpretive Mode – Listening
  • Interpretive Mode – Reading
  • Interpersonal Mode – Speaking
  • Presentational Mode – Speaking
  • Presentational Mode – Writing
  • Proficiency Self-Evaluation Level

The field labeled AVE shows a calculated average of the five self-evaluation modes listed above.

Test scores for lexical recognition (L), dictation (D), partial translation (T), sentence completion (C), verb conjugation (V), speaking (S), and writing (W) scores show the number correct followed by the number of items presented, the percent correct and the level achieved for the section. “In Progress” is displayed if the student has not completed the section. “Test Complete” is displayed if waiting for grading.

If a test taker responds to all of the self-evaluation screens with the response “I have no functional ability with this language,” the test taker receives no test items, as it appears that the test taker has no knowledge base for testing. All self-evaluation elements and Total Average will show as zero and “No Items” is displayed in the score area for each section of the test.

Writing and Speaking Responses

To view or listen to the test taker’s Writing and/or Speaking response, click the score shown in that area of the detail report. The Writing response will be displayed. Click the Play button to listen to the Speaking response.

For more information about the Avant SHL Test, Avant Assessment and other learning and testing solutions, visit: www.avantassessment.com.

Updated July 2016

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