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Following these procedures will help assure the security of the STAMP 4Se test and the validity of each assessment.

Before the Assessment Begins

  • Have the test codes and passwords on hand
    • For each testing group, there will be a Student Test Code and Password and a Teacher Test Code and Password
  • If testing in a language with a special writing system, provide test takers with instructions for selecting the input language – for more information, read the Writing Input Guide.
  • Ensure that test takers are using a supported browser – Please see our Assessment Technology Guide
  • Ensure that headsets are plugged in before the test takers start the test.
  • Tell the test takers how much time is allowed for this testing session.
  • Direct the test takers to follow the instructions in each section of the test carefully.
  • The proctor will not give any assistance to test takers during the test other than to provide technical support or procedural directions.
  • Have a printout of this guide handy.
  • Have the toll free number for Avant Assessment’s Support on hand
    • (888) 713-7887 – Support is available from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday - Friday and 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Saturday

The Rules

  • No paper, pens, pencils, or cell phones are allowed during testing.
  • No other computer applications can be used during testing.
  • No help from friends is allowed.

To Begin Testing

The test proctor needs to provide the test takers with the information below. The information can be written on a whiteboard/ blackboard, projected on a screen, or given verbally – but test codes and passwords should never be distributed to test takers on slips of paper.

  • The address for the Avant STAMP 4Se Test website (
  • The testing group’s Avant STAMP 4Se Test Code
  • The testing group’s Avant STAMP 4Se Password
  • Instruct test takers to click on start a new test
  • Guidance for filling in the Login Name field:
    • Login Name must be unique within the testing group (Do not use the Login Name “student”)
    • Be sure you remember how you entered your Login Name because if you need to resume you will need to use the same Login Name you started the test with previously.
    • If a test taker has taken the test previously using the same Test Code, we recommend using the same Login Name, with the number 2 added at the end
  • Instructions for filling in the Student ID field on the Student Profile
  • Instructions for stopping the test at a certain point or directions to continue until the test is complete

During the Assessment

The proctor must: 

  1. Remain in the testing area throughout testing 
  2. Circulate while the testing is taking place to ensure that no paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, etc. are being used 
  3. Make sure that no additional windows or applications (such as Word, email or Web browsers) are open or launched during testing 
  4. Make sure that no dictionaries, textbooks or other support materials are being used 
  5. There should be only one student at each computer during the test, and there should be no interaction between students

Any infractions to the above regulations are to result in the immediate logging out of the individual test taker’s test by the proctor (by closing the browser), and the suspension of testing for that individual test taker. Such incidents shall be reported to the Testing Coordinator.

If a test taker needs to resume the test due to lost connection (or any other reason), the login information will need to be entered exactly as originally entered. Instruct test takers to click on Continue Test after re-entering the test code and password. Avant STAMP 4Se should resume from the point at which the test taker left off. If necessary, the teacher or proctor can use the Teacher Login to look up the test taker's Login Name.

After the Testing Session

After a testing session is completed, the test proctor or test coordinator may log in to the STAMP 4Se test reporting website ( to view test results and identify test takers who did not complete the test.

Writing and Speaking scores are typically available within 5 to 7 business days after test completion. They may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the grading progress.

After scoring of a test is complete, the proctor or test coordinator may print individual test taker reports or download a Microsoft Excel file of test results. Do not allow the test takers to access the teacher report page or see other test taker scores.

Updated September 2018

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